Installing and Activating TicTie Calculate

Congratulations on your purchase of TicTie Calculate! Getting started is easy.

Please use Google Chrome or Firefox to download and run the installer. We recommend using Adobe version 11 or higher to ensure compatibility.

Please Note: There is no username/password or any other login information associated with TicTie Calculate.


Installing TicTie Calculate

Before you begin, ensure that Adobe Acrobat is closed on your workstation.

  1. Download the .exe file: Download TicTie Calculate
  2. Run the installer
  3. Follow on-screen instructions


IMPORTANT: If you would like to install the program in a Citrix or Terminal Server environment, please contact for the correct installation instructions.

Activating TicTie Calculate

  1. Open Adobe Acrobat
  2. Locate TicTie Calculate in the main command menu
  3. Click Activate


  1. In the Activation dialogue window, fill out the requested information
  2. Click Register


  1. Enter your product key (copy and paste) from your confirmation email


  1. If you are a trial user, click the link in the lower left and a product key will be generated for you (30 day trial)
  2. Click Activate


  1. Close and restart Adobe Acrobat for the changes to take effect

Note: Using Adobe Acrobat DC? View this Help Center article for instructions.

Purchase Additional Licenses

If you would like to purchase TicTie Calculate additional licenses, please visit our website, and click the Purchase Now button in the TicTie Calculate section of the Pricing page.

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