TTC Preferences or Settings

TicTie Calculate (TTC) preferences will allow the user to customize or change default settings for Tickmarks, Cross References, Author Stamp, Calculator and Bookmarks.

Locate Preferences

  • If you are operating on a server installation of TTC the icon is named "TTC Preferences." If on regular desktop it is named "TTC Settings"
  • The icon looks like the image below. It is usually the second from the last in the list of TTC tools
  • Click the icon

  • The "Tic, Tie & Calculate: Preferences" window will populate


Tickmarks and Cross References

  • You may change the default color of your Tickmarks or Cross References by selecting the radio button next to the color desired under the column the change is desired in

  • You may change the default size of your tickmarks by selecting the dropdown carrot next to "Default Size" and choose your desired size (up to 4)


  • Because Cross References create links, your view settings may change when clicking the cross references. This view change is referred to as "Click Behavior." If you select the dropdown for "Click Behavior" you will have three options; Fit Page, Fit Width, Fit Height. Fit Page will ensure the entire page is visible in your Acrobat window. Fit Width will "zoom" in to so that the entire width of the page is visible (without regard to height). Fit Height will change view so that the entire height/length of page is visible (without regard to width). Select the option you prefer

  • The Tickmarks and Cross References are pulled from files within specific folders. You may change the folder path if you desire. 

  • If the field is blank you will need to change the folder path (default: C:\Program Files (x86)\cPaperless\TTC\Tickmarks)


Author Stamp

  • Click the text box to change the name of the displayed "Author Stamp"

  • This will change the display of the author in the “Review Summary”

  • Click “OK” to save any changes made to default settings


Calculator (Settings)

  • You may select a radio button to use a Moffsoft calculator if you have one or you may use the built in TTC one

  • You can download a MoffSoft calculator by clicking the blue hyperlink "Download Moffsoft FreeCalc"

  • Once you have downloaded you will need to input the folder path to wherever it resides on your machine
  • You may change the default border settings for the TTC calculator by clicking the red or otherwise colored box next to "Default Border Color"

  • Select alternative color and click "OK"

  • You may change the default background color by clicking the yellow or otherwise colored box next to "Default Background Color"

  • Select alternative color and click "OK"

  • These default colors are presented on a PDF when you "Print Tape to PDF"
  • If you do not want the opportunity to change these colors every time you print the tape, check the box next to the words that read "Do not prompt when pasting calculator tapes and use these colors as defaults"
  • Click "OK"


Bookmarks (Settings)

  • The folder path for the bookmark templates may be changed like the Tickmarks mentioned at the beginning of the article. Click "Change"

  • Select the desired folder path and click "OK"

  • You can adjust the default zoom to any of the options listed in the drop down menu

  • Fit Page: the zoom will be at a full page view with width and height accounted for
  • Actual Size: The actual size for a PDF page is typically 100%, but the document may have been set to another magnification level when it was created
  • Fit Width:The zoom level will adjust so that the full width is visible without accounting for height
  • Fit Visible: resize the page so that its text and images fit the width of the window
  • Inherit Zoom: Whatever the current zoom is when setting the bookmark


  • Click the box next to "Change bookmark color when Page Sign-Off is applied to a page" to notate when a reviewer has signed off on the page using TTC Review Summary tool

  • To save all settings click "OK"
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