Document Properties

Adobe Acrobat Document Properties allow you to adjust settings pertaining to an individual document.

Accessing Document Properties Through Acrobat

  • Select “File” from the main command line
  • Select “Properties” from the dropdown menu


Accessing Document Properties Through TTC

  • Select the “Document Properties” icon in the TTC toolbar


Document Properties Window

  • Description Tab
  • Change the name or display of the “File Name”
  • Example: “BentTaylor_Original Source Docs_No Bookmark” can be renamed “1040 – Brent Taylor”

  • Saving this change will display the document title in Adobe Acrobat Header as “1040 – Brent Taylor” (Picture 1). It will also change the display name of the document in the “Window” drop down menu (Picture 2).

  • Initial View
  • Standardize the structure of the initial view of PDF documents so that when a document is opened it will adhere to the settings that are defined in the top portion called “Layout and Magnification”

  • Navigation Tab: Choose from several view options; “Bookmarks Panel and Page” is usually preferred (Picture 1). The bookmark panel will display on the left side of the screen and the PDF document will appear to the right of the bookmark panel (Picture 2)

  • Page LayoutChoose how pages are displayed on screen (example: “Single Page” or “Two‐Up (Facing)”), most users will choose “Default”

  • Magnification: Select default magnification of the pages displayed (“Fit Width”, “Fit Height”, “Fit Page”)

  • Click “OK” and settings will be applied to the PDF document
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  • I can't figure out how to get my annotations and tapes to appear on printed copies of documents. Please advise.

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