"Save as" Feature in Tic Tie Calculate

The “Save As” feature allows the user to make a copy of the existing PDF file while removing TTC and/or Acrobat annotations.

IMPORTANT: This operation should only be performed when there is only one PDF file open on the computer.

Save As Feature

  • Save the PDF file before you execute this command.
  • Select the “Save As” icon in the TTC toolbar.


  • The “TTC Save As” window will open allowing the user to select which annotations to delete from the PDF file.
  • Click "OK" to save the new version of the PDF file.


  • A new version of the PDF file will appear on the screen, and a copy will automatically be saved into the same Windows directory (Folder) where the original PDF file resides. For example, if you are working with file “Example.pdf” and execute the “Save As” command, the new copy will be saved in the same location as “Example.pdf” but renamed to “Example – Copy.pdf”.
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