Adding a Watermark

Using the Watermark tool from the Tic Tie Calculate (TTC) tools makes applying a Watermark to a PDF document easy.

Launching the Watermark Tool

  • Click the “Watermark” icon in the TTC tools to open the “Add Watermark” window


Adding a Watermark Text

  • Under the "Source" category select the radio button next to “Text”
  • Type your choice of word in the source text field


  • Users have the ability to change font type, size, color, justification or underline


Adding a Watermark File

  • Under the "Source" category select the radio button next to “File”
  • Click “Browse”

  • Select the desired file and click "Open"


Appearance of Watermark

  • Select the rotational degree of watermark

  • Select the opacity of Watermark

  • Select the location for the watermark on the page


Position of Watermark

  • Select Vertical Distance and Horizontal Distance for the watermark
  • Click the “Up or Down” arrows to change number

  • Select your choice measurement increment from the drop down menu

  • Select the placement of watermark from drop down menu


Saving a Watermark: Once all settings have been applied to the watermark you have the option to save for future use.

  • Select "Save Settings"

  • Name your watermark and click “OK”

  • This will be in “Saved Settings” for future use


IMPORTANT: Notice that all changes made to the watermark will appear in the “Preview” section.  Once satisfied with settings, click “OK” to add watermark to PDF document.


Deleting a Watermark

  •    Select "Tools" from Acrobat toolbar

  •  Select "Pages"

  •  Under "Edit Page Design" select "Watermark"

  • Select “Remove”

  • Select "Yes" to confirm deletion

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