Adobe Acrobat Preferences

When using Adobe Preferences you can adjust the settings that will apply to all PDF files within your version of Adobe Acrobat.

Please Note: 

Access From Adobe Acrobat

  • Click "Edit" from the main command menu at the top
  • Select "Preferences" from the drop down menu


Access From Tic, Tie & Calculate

  • You can access the same preferences by clicking the "Acrobat Preferences" icon in TTC

  • Please note that the preferences that will be available to you will depend on the version of Adobe Acrobat that you have installed. 

The following preference instructions are those that are most relevant to your documentation using Tic, Tie & Calculate and can all be found under “Categories” in the Adobe Preferences window.

Commenting Preferences: Applies to Sticky Notes and Comments Module

  • Change the “Font” and “Font Size” as well as the “Pop‐Up Opacity”.

  • Through a series of check box selections, change the behavior of how the Sticky Notes and PopUps appear on your screen.


Page Display: change or set the default layout and zoom for all PDF files

  • Select the “Page Display” category
  • Click the drop down selection next to “Page Layout” to select default page layout

  • Click the drop down selection next to “Zoom” to select the default zoom

IMPORTANT: If you are an Adobe Acrobat 8.0 user, in “Document Properties”, it is highly recommended that you select the first check box “Show Each Document in its Own Window”.  This will launch each PDF file in its own instance of Acrobat.

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