Creating Custom Tickmarks

IMPORTANT NOTE: While we do provide instructions on how to to create a custom tickmarks, this feature is not built into the system to fully support. As it is cumbersome we recommend you use the default tickmarks provided. cPaperless Support will not create or edit any custom tickmarks you may have issues with. 

With Tic Tie Calculate (TTC) you have the ability to create custom tickmarks for your PDF documents by following the instruction below.

Locating Tickmark folder path on computer: C:\Program Files (x86)\cPaperless\TTC\Tickmarks


  • Go to the “C” drive

  • Locate “Program Files (x86)” folder (depending on computer this may just be “Program Files”)

  • Select “cPaperless” folder

  • Select "TTC"

  • Select “Tickmarks”


Identifying the tickmark naming convention

  • Select the subfolder in which you want to add custom tickmark. Letters, Numbers, References, SignOffs, or Symbols
  • Most custom tickmarks will be added to the “Symbols” subfolder

  • Once the subfolder is open you will notice there are six saved items for each tickmark
  • Example: the symbol for “Agrees” (i.e. the checkmarks). Has a .bmp and .pdf file for each color option. When you create a custom tickmark it will also have a .bmp and .pdf file for each color option

  • The naming convention is “Agrees_r.bmp” and “Agrees_r.pdf”
  • The name before the underscore is the name that will display in the tickmark dropdown list 


  • The letter after the underscore tells the program which color drop down they relate to (r= red, b= blue, g= green).


  • The .bmp file is the icon that displays in the toolbar dropdown menu


  • The .pdf file is the actual stamp placed on the page (Agrees_r.pdf)




Creating Custom Stamps

  • Creating BMP File
  • Design the tickmark in Microsoft Paint (or similar program)
  • Resize image to be consistent with the existing stamps

  • Once custom stamp is created select “File”>“Save As”> “BMP Picture”

  • Select a location to save the file (you can create a separate folder on your desktop to store file until you are ready to move to the TTC subfolder)

  • Create File Name and click “Save”

  • Close Microsoft Paint

IMPORTANT: If you would like a Red, Green and Blue option in your TTC drop down menus, you will need to create a separate stamp in each color in Microsoft Paint.

  • Creating PDF File
  • Open Adobe Acrobat
  • Select "Create PDF from File"

  • Select saved BMP File and click "Open"

  • Select “File”> “Save As”

  • Select location to save the file (usually the same location the BMP file is saved)
  • Create File Name and click “Save”

  • Close Adobe Acrobat


  • Adding Custom Stamp to TTC Subfolder
  • Open folder location of saved custom tickmark BMP and PDF file
  • If you have not created a separate file for each color you will need to create two copies of each file (you will have a total of 6 saved files)

  • Rename each file using the Tickmark Naming Convention in section 2 of these instructions (example below):
  1. KM Initials Blue_b.bmp
  2. KM Initials Blue_b.pdf
  3. KM Initials Green_g.bmp
  4. KM Initials Green_g.pdf
  5. KM Initials Red_r.bmp
  6. KM Initials Red_r.pdf

  • Open the TTC Tickmark Subfolder in which you are placing custom tickmarks (follow steps from section 1 of these instructions)

  • Select all custom tickmark files
  • Drag files into TTC Subfolder (or Copy and Paste)

  • If you are denied access because you are not an administrator select “Continue”

  • Custom Tickmark files will move to subfolder 
  • Locating Custom Tickmarks in Adobe Acrobat
  • Once you have followed all instructions correctly your custom tickmarks will appear in the designated tickmark drop down menu. ii. For this example select “Symbols” in TTC Tools

  • In the drop down menu for each color you will find your new custom tickmark

  • Select custom tickmark to use in PDF file
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