Cross References

TicTie Calculate version 5.0 and higher only. 

The Cross Reference tool allows you to quickly and easily navigate between two locations in a PDF file.

Rules when using the Linked Cross Reference Tool

  • Set up/Page Orientation: Make sure all pages in the PDF file are organized and oriented in the manner you want the final work papers presented.  If you place a linked cross-reference and subsequently rotate the page, it will interfere with the integrity of the hyperlinked cross-reference.  
  • Only Cross Reference on the same document: Linked cross-references can only be used within the same PDF file.  It is recommended that you close any other PDF files or start a new instance of Adobe® before adding cross-references.
  • The maximum number of cross-references is 40. 
    • If you need additional cross references, you may right-click tick marks and click 'Next' this will move you to the next tick mark placed in the document, regardless of page.
  • Once a cross-reference is placed in a document you cannot move the placement with the mouse cursor.  If you do, only the picture that is the Cross Reference will move, not the embedded hyperlink. If you do not like the placement of a cross-reference you will need to delete it and replace it.

Adding Cross References 

  • Locate the origination point of cross-reference (i.e. first item you want to link).
  • Select the Cross Reference option in the TicTie Calculate toolbar. 


  • Click the drop-down arrow to select from the list of cross-references.
    • The cursor changes to the icon of the selected cross-reference.


  • Click to place the first link of the cross-reference.
    • The cursor remains the same cross-reference until you place the end of the link.
  • Click another location on the PDF file to place the corresponding (2nd) Cross Reference.
    • The mouse cursor changes to the next cross-reference available if the Auto-Increment box is selected.
    • The cursor will be the cross-reference that was already placed if this option is not selected. 
  • Click on the reference number to switch between the two locations in the PDF file that are hyperlinked.
  • Once placed, it will appear red in the Cross References window.
  • Click Delete to remove the cross-reference. 
    • Do not use keyboard shortcuts and use this interface to delete instead.


  • Close the Cross References window to cancel the placement of a cross-reference. 

Cross Reference Options


  • Select a color preference from Red, Green or Blue or use the dropdown to select a custom color. 
  • Select a default size of your links by selecting an option from the Size drop-down menu (maximum of 10).
  • Select the Zoom Type of your links by selecting an option from the Zoom Type drop-down menu:
    • Fit Page will change the zoom to allow for the full length and width of the page to be seen. 
    • Fit Width will zoom so that the entire width of the page can be seen without regard to page height (recommended for most). 
    • Fit Height will zoom so that the entire height/length of the page can be seen without regard to width. 
  • When 'Auto-Increment' is selected, after you place a Cross Reference the next sequential Cross Reference number will automatically be selected and ready to be placed 
  • Changing the link settings will only affect the cross-references you place from that moment forward. It will not change the settings of already placed links.
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