Tic, Tie & Calculate Power Tools: Copy Bookmarks

Under the Tic Tie Calculate (TTC) Power Tools, the “Copy Bookmarks” feature allows the user to copy bookmarks from one PDF to another PDF file.

IMPORTANT: The PDF files must be identical in both the number and the order of the pages.

Step One: Make a copy of the existing document

  • Select “File” and then “Print”

  • The Print dialog window will open
  • Under Printer options drop down list select “Adobe PDF”
  • Under Comments & Forms drop down list select “Document”
  • Click “Print”

  • The Save PDF File As dialog window will open. Map the location to save a copy of the PDF file on your network or computer

  • Once it saves it will open the copy on your screen. Close the copy

Step Two: Copying bookmarks with TTC Power Tool feature “Copy Bookmarks”

  • Open the original PDF file with the bookmarks to be copied
  • Select “Tic Tie Calculate” from the main menu
  • Hover Cursor over “TTC Power Tools” and then select “Copy Bookmarks”

  •  The TTC Bookmark Copy window will open, select “OK”


  • When the dialog window opens browse and select the copy of the original file (created from Step One above) and click “Open”

  •  The bookmarks will copy from the original PDF file to the copy of the PDF file
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