Building your own Bookmarking Template

Click here to go to the bookmarking template builder online (you will want to use Internet Explorer for this process, Protected Mode needs to be disabled in the internet settings. If you do not know how to change those settings, this link will walk you through the process

  • Select the “click here then select add bookmark” words
  • Once selected hit “Add Bookmark”


  • Type the title of that bookmark
  • Select “OK”


  • Repeat the above to make another (parent) level bookmark
  • To make a (Child bookmark) click and select the “Parent” Bookmark you want it under. 
  • Select the “Add bookmark” button


  • Enter the title. If you want to be able to manually name this bookmark in Adobe, check the box that states “Allow custom description.” In this example I named my child bookmark "<description>" indicating to me that I need to change this name to what I want it to be in Adobe.


  • You will see your template start to grow. Simply repeat the above steps with parent or child bookmarks until you have all that you need.

  • After all the bookmarks have been created Download the template using the button under Step #3. Save the template on the desktop and move to the folder "C:\Program Files\cPaperless\TTC\Bookmark Templates

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