Building your own Bookmarking Template

TicTie Calculate version 5.0 and higher only. See our How to Check Your Version article for more information. To upgrade to version 5.0 please reach out to

You can build your own bookmarking template from your online account.


  • Click Here to be redirected to your TicTie Calculate login page. 
  • Navigate to Account > Bookmark Templates > Create to build a new template. 

  • This will open a template creator below the existing listed templates.
  • Type a template name in the Template Name field. 
  • Click Save.
  • Build the template by adding bookmarks and naming them. 

  • Click the bookmark you want to rename. 
  • Type a bookmark name in the Bookmark Name field.
  • Click the Add button to add it to your template.
  • This will change the name of the selected bookmark and create a child bookmark. 

  • When the Add button is clicked, but no change is made to the Bookmark Name, then a child bookmark will be created called New Bookmark

  • Click the Delete button to delete bookmarks. 
  • Click Move Up and Move Down to navigate through existing bookmarks.
  • Click the Indent Left/Right buttons to move the highlighted bookmark's placement within the bookmark tree. Indent Left will make a child bookmark a parent, and Indent Right will make a parent bookmark a child.
  • Click Expand All/Collapse All to expand or collapse all the bookmarks.


  • Click Save once the template is completed.
  • This will add the template to your list of templates, and you will see them in the Tic, Tie & Calculate tool in Adobe®. 




You can import bookmark templates that were created for the legacy version of TicTie Calculate. If you have custom templates from the legacy version, they are saved to your PC here: C:\Program Files (x86)\cPaperless\TTC\Bookmark Templates.

  • Click Here to be redirected to your TicTie Calculate login page. 
  • Navigate to Account > Bookmark Templates > Import to upload an existing template. 
  • Click to choose a file, or drag/drop a legacy bookmark template to upload. 


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