Using Tic Tie Calculate with Adobe Acrobat X and XI

Adobe Acrobat versions’ X & XI core functionality is similar to previous versions, but the user interface has changed significantly.  The most noticeable differences center on the toolbar locations, their ease of access, and your ability to customize the “Quick Tools”.  This brief guide describes some important points in using Tic Tie Calculate with Acrobat X and XI.


Accessing the TTC Toolbar

  • Launch Adobe Acrobat and open a .PDF file.
  • You will not clearly see the TTC toolbar. Your screen will appear as follows:


  • In Acrobat X or XI, the main toolbar icons display only a limited number of toolbar icons.


  • To access the TTC annotation tools needed to effectively prepare accounting work papers, you need to select the “Tools” panel to view the traditional Acrobat and TTC toolbars.


  • Select the “TicTie Calculate” arrow to display the TTC toolbar.



Adding TTC Icons to the Acrobat “Quick Tools” toolbar

Acrobat allows the user to add toolbar icons to the top toolbar by using the “Quick Tools” feature. There are 2 ways to add TTC items to the Acrobat X or XI Quick Tools.

  1. Select the “Tools” command and select the “Tic Tie Calculate” arrow to display the TTC icons.
    • Right mouse click on the icon you want to place in the toolbar.
    • Select “Add to Quick Tools”.
    • Continue to do so for all the items you want to appear in the top toolbar in Acrobat X/X.
  2. Another way to add icons to the toolbar is to customize Quick Tools.
    • Right mouseclick anywhere in the top toolbar.
    • Select "Quick Tools".


  • In the Customize Quick Tools dialog window, expand the Third‐Party Plug‐Ins | TicTie Calculate category.
  • Select a toolbar icon.
  • Use the arrow key pointing to the right to move the item to the “Quick Tools to Show” section.


  • Continue to do so for all the items you want to appear in the top toolbar in Acrobat X.
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