Bookmarking Tools and Keyboard Shortcuts

TicTie Calculate version 4.6 and version 5.0 and higher. 

This article contains tool definitions and keyboard shortcuts that can be used when adding bookmarks. The bookmarking tool allows you to create an index of your source documents in the bookmarks panel of Adobe. The repagination function reorders the pages of the PDF to match the bookmarks. 



  • Toggle Bookmark Pane: Hide or display the bookmark panel in Adobe
  • Delete all Bookmarks: Deletes all existing bookmarks in the Adobe document
  • Select a template: The drop-down menu allows you to select which bookmark template you would like to use
  • Set Template: Populates bookmark tree structure in the template window
  • Set Bookmark: Sets the selected bookmark in the bookmark tree to the PDF page selected
  • Prev Page: Toggle to previous page in PDF
  • Next Page: Toggle to next page in PDF
  • Close: Close the Add Bookmarks tool

Keyboard Shortcuts:

  • Left and Right Arrow: Expand and minimize items in the bookmark tree
  • Tab: When a <description> bookmark is selected in the bookmark tree, this key will move the cursor into the Bookmark Text box and you can begin typing
  • Alt + S: Set Bookmark
  • Alt + P: Move to the previous page
  • Alt + N: Move to next page
  • Alt + C: Close the Add Bookmarks tool

Please see the Bookmarking and Repagination video for more information. 


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