Missing Tick Marks

TicTie Calculate version 4.6 only.

If the TickMarks are missing from your Tic, Tie, & Calculate plugin, the steps below should help you resolve the issue:

  • Click on the TTC Settings button.
  • It will bring up a dialogue box that has some options for the tickmarks. 
  • Under "Default Tickmark and Cross Reference Folder path" it should read C:\Program Files (x86)\cPaperless\TTC\Tickmarks.


  • If you click 'Change' and Click on your C:\ drive, then navigate through the folders until you click on Tickmarks, and then hit OK, it should rectify the path.
  • You can also copy the pathway above and paste it into the box and it should correct the pathway.  

Then your tickmarks should show back up!

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