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With the Page Sign‐Off tool you can quickly and easily stamp a page as “signed‐off” based upon your predefined role.  The Review Summary tool displays an easy to navigate dialog window that will save your preparers and reviewers countless hours during tax season.

The TicTie Calculate (TTC) Page Sign‐Off feature incorporates two TTC toolbar icons

  • Page Sign‐Off: With the Page Sign‐Off tool you can quickly and easily stamp a page as “signed off” based upon your pre‐defined role.  There are three roles and colors associated with the roles available: Preparer (Red), Reviewer Level 1 (Blue), and Reviewer Level 2 (Green)
  • Review Summary: The Review Summary tool displays an easy to navigate dialog window that will save your preparers and reviewers countless hours during tax season.  The Review Summary dialog window displays every page in the PDF file and every sign‐off by user, including a date & time stamp.  The Review Summary now allows each user to: 
  • View all pages in the PDF file.
  • View all the bookmark names for each page.
  • View “Notes” icon for all pages that include a Sticky Note. iv. View sign‐off status for each page in the PDF file (by role).
  • Quickly navigate directly to the page(s) that need your attention.
  • Identify page(s) that need the attention of another staff member.
  • Identify page(s) for which information has changed since the last review. viii. Delete sign‐offs for multiple pages & multiple roles with a single operation. (insert pics)

Create your author stamp: Before you flag a page as signed‐off, make sure you have entered you “Author Stamp” name.

  • Launch Adobe Acrobat
  • In the TTC toolbar, select “TTC Preferences”


  • Enter your name in the “Author Stamp” field and select “OK”


Designate your role 

  • Launch any document in Adobe Acrobat.
  • In the TTC toolbar, select “Review Summary”


  • Select your designated role from the drop down list and select “OK”


Signing‐off a page

  • In the TTC toolbar, left mouse click to select the “Page Sign‐Off” icon


  • Your mouse cursor will change to a check mark with a gray background


  • Left mouse click in the upper right hand corner of the page to place your sign‐off stamp. You will need to manually place the location of the sign‐off stamp.  So make sure you leave enough room to the right of your stamp for additional sign‐off stamps (i.e. Reviewer stamps)


  • Continue Placing Stamps: your mouse cursor will remain the check mark with a gray background. You can move on to the following page(s) and continue placing Sign‐Off stamps.
  • To deactivate the sign‐off stamp, press the “ESC” key on your keyboard. Your mouse cursor will go back to the arrow pointer.
  • You can only place one sign‐off stamp per level on a page. If you try to place a second sign‐off stamp for the same level on a page, you will receive the below message:


Using the review summary dialog window

  • In the TTC toolbar, select the “Review Summary” icon


  • The TTC Review Summary dialog window will appear


  • Need to quickly see the pages you need to Sign‐Off? Click any column header to sort the table in ascending/descending order.


  • You can easily navigate directly to a page requiring a Sign‐Off.   You can move to the next page(s) by double left mouse click anywhere in the page row to navigate directly to that page.


  • You can change the color of the icons in “Alerts” & “Changed” columns to indicate specific pages requiring additional attention. Additionally, if a sticky note was placed on the source document, it would be indicated on the review summary in the “Notes” column.
  • To change the color of the “Alert” or “Changed” icon, right mouse click on the icon
  • Select from the colors listed


  • This is useful when you want to inform other staff members of changes you have made or if there are other items he/she needs to pay attention to when going through the Review Summary
  • You can delete sign‐offs for multiple pages and multiple levels in a single operation
  • Select the page numbers
  • Select the level(s) of sign‐off(s) you want to delete. You can select multiple check box selections or select “All”
  • Select "Delete"


  • Another way is to delete the sign‐off on the document itself
  • Right mouse click on the stamp and select “Delete”


Reminder rules when using the review summary

IMPORTANT: Read these rules before using the Review Summary Features.

  • Only one review summary open at a time.
  • You can only have one Review Summary dialog window open at a time.
  • Close review summary before closing PDF file.
  • You MUST close the Review Summary dialog window BEFORE closing the related PDF file. If you do not, Acrobat will crash.  Your data in the already closed file will be saved, but any unsaved changes in other open PDF documents open might be lost.
  • Inserting and/or rearranging pages.
  • If you change the order of the pages in the PDF file while the Review Summary is open, you will need to close the Review Summary and reopen it to refresh the table and related data.
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