TicTie Calculate Version 5 - What's New?

TicTie Calculate version 5.0 and higher only. See our How to Check Your Version article for more information. To upgrade to version 5.0 please reach out to support@safesend.com

In December 2021, we released a new version of TTC that requires a new installation. Below are some key differences in the newest version of the program. 

Self Service Web Portal

Administrators will have access to a portal where they can manage users and account settings. Click the tabs below to see an overview of how you will be able to manage your portal and some of the updates to the plug-in. 


  • Every 'Seat' uses 1 paid license and will need to activate and create their own login credentials. View the Install and Activate TicTie Calculate article for more information on this process. 

This section allows Managers to update account information and add/edit bookmark templates. 

Account Information


License ID, Expiration Date, and Seats Allocated are fields that cannot be modified. If you need to renew or add a user, please contact service@safesend.com
  1. Click Modify to edit contact information.

Account Information.png

Account Settings

Select the checkbox next to each setting to turn it on or off. 

Settings Description
Only Managers can edit Bookmark Templates This will allow users to add/edit bookmark templates only if they have the Manager user rights.
Enforce Page Sign-Off order

This will enforce that the sign-off occurs in order when the Sign-Off Pages feature is used.


Account Settings.png

Bookmark Templates

See Build Your Own Bookmarking Template for more information on how to build and import your own template. 

Bookmark templates.png


Add Users

Follow the steps below to add a user.

  1. Click Add User.
  2. Enter the users Email
  3. Enter the user First Name and Last Name.
  4. Select the User rights. 
    • User: Has access to the plugin, but cannot edit users or settings. 
    • ManagerHas access to the plugin and can edit users and settings. 
  5. Click Save

Add user.png


This section will provide the installation links. It is important that you select the correct link for your Adobe® Version. 

If you do not see the plug-in after installation, we recommend you view TicTie Missing from Adobe® for troubleshooting steps. You can also email support@safesend.com for further assistance. 

Support- Installation.png


  • Both Installation links are compatible with terminal server environments. 
  • See TTC Online Account for more in-depth information on managing the online portal. 
Updates to the Plugin
While many parts of the plug-in are the same, below are some key enhancements made to the program so far. 

Tickmarks and Cross References

  • Over 70 new colors to choose from for all Tickmarks.
  • When Symbols, Numbers, or Letters are selected, a moveable window will appear that overlays the PDF.
  • Users can add up to 80 Cross References.


Review Sign-Offs

You can now easily track who has prepared and reviewed pages. Because of the new login features, it will automatically track the user who has signed off the pages based on their log-in information. 

By clicking on Review Sign-Offs, you can more easily track all sign-offs and filter based on date and highlighted items. We also track when Adobe® notes were added to a specific page.

Review sign offs.png


The calculator tape includes the following updates:

  • Can include a custom name for the tape.
  • The tape will include the date/time.
  • By right-clicking on the tape, you can make any necessary edits. 
  • Added a 10-Key calculator.


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