TicTie Calculate version 4.6 and version 5.0 and higher. 

Repagination is the final step when applying bookmarks to your PDF document.  Once you repaginate, the order of the pages in your PDF document will be physically moved. 


  • Before repaginating, review the bookmark panel in Adobe® Acrobat® to make sure all bookmarks are in the proper order.
  • To change the order, simply drag and drop the bookmark to the correct order in the bookmarks view panel.
    • This will not correct the page number for the moved pages; it will only reorder the bookmark structure.
  • Once all your bookmarks are in the correct order, select the icon for “Repaginate”.


  • When asked if you would like to repaginate pages, select “Yes” in the pop‐up window. All the pages on the right side of the screen will mirror the bookmarks in the Bookmark Panel.


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