Bookmarking Options

TicTie Calculate version 4.6 and version 5.0 and higher. 

The Bookmarking Tool will allow you to create a complete index of your source documents for your work papers.

Bookmark Options

  1. Click Bookmarks to expand the bookmark options. 
  2. Click Use Bookmark Template to launch the Add Bookmarks window. 
  3. Click Expand all Bookmarks to expand existing bookmarks in the PDF. 
  4. Click Collapse all Bookmarks to collapse existing bookmarks in the PDF. 
  5. Click Bookmark Inserted Pages to manage page insertions and their related bookmarks. 
    • Append PDF Pages as a single bookmark OR
    • Append PDF pages without bookmark


Set Bookmark Template Window

  1. Click Bookmarks to expand the bookmark options. 
  2. Click Use Bookmark Template to launch the Add Bookmarks window.
    • Resize the window to make it larger or move this window around the screen or to another monitor for ease of use. 
  3. Click Toggle Bookmark Pane to hide or display the bookmark pane in Adobe Acrobat®.
  4. Click Delete All Bookmarks to delete all bookmarks already existing in the PDF file (recommended).
    • Click Yes to confirm. 
  5. Click Build Your Own Template to create a custom bookmark template (optional - only available for version 5.0 and higher). 
  6. Click Select a Template to choose which template to use.
  7. Click Apply to apply the template and begin bookmarking.  


The other 1040 templates are designed to work with OCR technology from various tax software providers and scan programs (GruntWorx, Lacerte and ProSystem).  These templates are provided by the respective service providers and we take no responsibility as to their accuracy or ease of use.


Applying Bookmarks

Once a template is applied, the bookmark tree structure displays in the template window.

Please note:

  • You only need to bookmark the first page of any multi‐page document.
  • If you use separator pages and you want to include them in PDF, be sure to include a <description> for each in order for repagination to work correctly.
  • Repagination should only be performed once.
    • Multiple edits and repagination events can cause the pages to be out of order. 
  • Repagination only works with the TicTie Calculate Set Bookmarks, it does not work with bookmarked pages added using Adobe Acrobat®.
  1. Click the arrow icon to expand a section. 
  2. Click the branch you wish to start on to highlight it. 
    • Use the up and down arrow keys to navigate through the tree structure.
    • Use the right and left arrow keys to expand and retract the categories.
  3. Select a <description> field to add a custom child bookmark (optional). 
    • Type the bookmark name into the Bookmark Text box. 
  4. Click Set Bookmark to assign the highlighted bookmark to the page displayed in Adobe Acrobat®.
    • After a bookmark is set you are automatically moved to the next page of the PDF.
    • Continue progressing through the source documents to bookmark the remaining pages. 
  5. Click Close once all bookmarks have been placed. 
  6. Click Repaginate to re-order the pages of the PDF to match the applied bookmarks.


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